Squirrel Shoot 2024

Welcome to the Squirrel Shoot rimfire shooting competition. The next competition will be held September 27, 2024 - September 28, 2024 at Big Piney Sportsman's Club located at 18012 Highway B Houston, MO 65843. Camping and coolers are allowed with the exception that NO ALCOHOL OR DRUGS ARE ALLOWED ON THE PROPERTY. Campers can arrive on Thursday. Check in is Thursday and Friday with shooting starting Saturday morning. Come early and get some practice in Friday morning. This is a family friendly event, bring the whole crew. The event will take place rain or shine.  Check out pictures from past competitions here.

Shooting Divisions

17 Mach 2 Scoped

17 Mach 2 Open Sights

17 HMR Scoped

17 HMR Open Sights

17 WSM Scoped

22 LR Scoped

22 LR Open Sights

22 LR Target Rifle

22 WMR Scoped

22 WMR Open Sights

22 WRF Scoped

22 WRF Open Sights

22 LR 55+ Ages Only

22 LR Youth Ages 12-16

In the event there aren't enough shooters in a particular division, divisions will be combined based on similar ballistics.

Ranges/Shooting Positions

25 Yards Standing with No Rest

50 Yards Standing with No Rest

75 Yards Seated with Shooting Sticks

100 Yards Seated with Shooting Sticks

125 Yards Seated with Shooting Sticks

150 Yards Seated with Shooting Sticks

175 Yards Seated at a Bench

200 Yards Seated at a Bench

All ties will be settled by a shoot off starting at 200 yards then moving back in 25 yard increments until only one shooter remains.